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Hilarious: NFS Shift bounce bug

Even though I’m a serious Gran Turismo fan I was planning to buy Need For Speed Shift today after I saw all the incredible screenshots and videos on Speedhunters! However this made my decision a bit tougher:

WTF? Those physics are seriously flawed! ??????

If you thought that was an accidental glitch, how about this one:

Just have a look at the results on Youtube then!

And how about this one?

Yo! Yo! NFS Shift will make you… Jump! Jump! Uh-huh-huh! ?(ยด?`)/

Still going to buy NFS Shift though… Apart from the weird glitch (which will certainly be fixed by a patch soon!) the game looks incredible and breathes nothing but pure racing!

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  1. junior

    LOL those are the hidraulics lol

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