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Carina Sightings: jäärata Toyota Carina TA60

You must probably think “WTF? Jäärata?”. Well as I understand it Jäärata is almost the national sports in Finland. Jäärata can probably best be translated to “Ice road racing”, but might as well be translated to “Ice-lake racing”.

This nicely beaten up Carina TA60 is being used to practice the jäärata on:
IMO these drivers are very very brave. With drifting you try to find the limit to lose the grip on the surface. With ice road racing you have about no grip at all, so it requires a lot of skill to find grip hidden in the snow…

Here you can see the Carina fighting off a Mercedes W123 200D:

These videos really makes me jealous on those Fins: they are having all the fun in the world! Oh well, maybe just wait for that once in a 100 years the IJsselmeer is frozen and have that same fun here in Holland as well. ;)


  1. HKS

    take a look at my toyota carina st171

  2. HKS

    “[img]” dosn’t work.. here

  3. banpei

    That is the best looking ST171s I’ve ever seen! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    BTW: Fixed the image in the first comment.

  4. Mr.Bogus

    correct me if im mistaken its just i cant help but notice your wheels, is it photoshopped?

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