Funny, within 15 minutes I encountered images made by me were reused by someone else. Of course I’m doing the same thing over and over, but never encountered this twice on two different sites within such a short period. ;)

First I noticed (thanks to HR blog!) the Czech website using the picture of my 15 inch Celica Supra MK2 rims in their wheel guide.
This is the original:
15 inch Celica Supra rims

Then within 15 minutes I encountered someone reusing my old avatar which I used on AEU86 when I still owned my Trueno. The picture contains the right taillight of my old Trueno 2 door coupe with the Sprinter Trueno sticker above it. The image originally was meant as a showcase for the OEM AE86 reproduction stickers but later on used as my avatar after I got bored by the AE86 vs R34 avatar.
This is the original:
My old Trueno coupe taillight and sticker

Even though it is coincidence, I still think it’s rather odd…
But don’t get me wrong here: please use and re-use my pictures, just like I would do with yours! ;)