Old advertisement: August racing rims

September 8, 2011 in old advertisement

Just refound this old advertisement with a Celica RA40 and a Pontiac Trans Am on Feroce rims somewhere in my bookmarks.
August racing feroce rims
Must say I dig the eight spokes more than the star shaped ten spokes…

Irian Jaya: Mandala Motor

August 7, 2011 in irian jaya

This photos was taken from the bus somewhere outside Jayapura when we passed Mandala Motor. I already spotted them a few times and they had a vast number of wheelporn in their workshop.
Mandala Motor
Mandala Motor

The convertible appears to be a VW bug that was modified with a Celica Z10 nose by Lipu…

Ebay treasures: KE30 hubcaps and unfinished rims

February 5, 2011 in ebay treasures

Unlike what the title says they aren’t exactly for sale at Ebay, but rather on its free of charge Dutch co-site called Marktplaats.

Over two years ago I found the worlds ugliest hubcaps on Marktplaats. I found another Corolla KE30 hubcap set for sale at Marktplaats:
Marktplaats KE30 hubcaps
Marktplaats KE30 hubcaps

Last time I did get a lot of emails from people who wanted them, but I was unable to get them because that set got sold. So if you really want them, be quick and I might be able to arrange them for you. 🙂

Then I also bumped into these rims, advertised as suitable for an AE86 . and had a big laugh about the picture:
AE86 rimsL: Only needs a bit of color
AE86 rimsL: Only needs a bit of color

Basically the MS Paint text roughly translates into:
Only needs a bit of color. AE86 Toyota 4x 15 inch
Damn funny! 😀

WTF: Liteace on Celica alloys

August 10, 2010 in WTF

I spotted this picture with a nice looking Bluebird SSS 510 on PhilsCarBlog , but it wasn’t the 510 that drew my attention:
Bluebird 510 with Liteace
Bluebird 510 with Liteace

It was the Liteace!
Why? Because it is sitting on a set of Celica A40 alloys somewhere in 1989!
Why? Because you can!

Carina Sightings: Lucky Seven!

July 7, 2010 in carina sightings

Today I own my TA60 Carina for exactly three years! I bought it on the seventh of the seventh of the seventh (07-07-2007), so in other words: lucky seven! This is what the car looked like when I bought it:
When I bought the Carina TA60
When I bought the Carina TA60

You can even see my old AE86 parked in front of it!

I bought the car after my girlfriend (in the meanwhile she became my wife) became pregnant of our son. When test fitting the child seats in the AE86 it was clear that the only way to fit the child seat was to put it in the front seat. Since everyone trying to sit in the back of the AE86 was complaining about every speedbump I took, cramps and more of that I realized it would be impossible to keep the AE86. So I tried to find a four door Cressida, Corona or Carina and found this Carina in a good deal. Basically the TA60 Carina can be considered a four door AE86 with a puny engine: it has (almost) the same axle, the same gearbox, the same steering rack, same front struts and the only difference is the absence of a 4AGE and a LSD!

Carina TA60 Enginebay: the indestructible 2T engine!
Carina TA60 Enginebay: the indestructible 2T engine!

About the Carina itself: when I bought it it had only 73000 kilometers on the odometer. It had been imported from Germany and I am the third owner of the car. The car belonged to elderly people living near Koln and the car is exactly how you would expect elderly people to buy a car in the early 80s: lowest spec possible and automatic. 🙁
Actually the car having an automatic gearbox saved the Carina from being exported to Africa: they only want manual cars for export to Africa.

Celica Supra (Celica XX) wheels
Celica Supra (Celica XX) wheels

The car is basically still the same as when I bought it: it still has the same engine, autobox and open diff. Only upgrades done were shocks, brakes (mintex up front), Marchal yellow foglights and Celica XX alloys. I do have plans for engine and gearbox swap, but I still haven’t made up my mind yet on which engine and gearbox… Could be a 4AGE, 2TG or even an 18R-G.

My Carina: Marchal yellow foglights
My Carina: Marchal yellow foglights

Normally it is impossible to get it sideways, but on rainy days this car is a hoot and I love it when I manage to get it sliding! Also people do not expect such an old clunker to do stuff like that and certainly not a family car! The car learned me much more than the AE86 could ever have done! 😉

The Carina brought me luck so far: never had to spend large sums of money on it and it only failed on me once because I neglected to buy gas in time… Currently the age of the car is showing its toll: the bootlid and the roof have start to show some rust so there is definitely a need for a respray sometime soon!

And this is how the Carina looked this morning at 6:00:
Carina TA60 headlight and foglight
Carina TA60 headlight and foglight

She is cheerful, isn’t she?

Random: Going to paint my wheels tonight!

January 28, 2010 in random

This is about the coolest wheel pic I’ve seen this month:

">Glow in the dark rims!
Glow in the dark rims!
The only problem is that you need to shine some light on it first… So, where can I get some of that paint to accentuate my 15 inch Celica XX rims?

Found at Jasonsgrainofsalt