Just have a look at this 1996 Carina commercial:

I thought about how the guy has changed during those 19 years from a tough 70s homie to a 90s salaryman dweeb. So I thought it would be fun to put all Carina drivers before that commercial into a chronological order and see how he evolves. ;)

Early 70s:
Early 70s Carina driver (Sonny Chiba)
Sonny Chiba escaping from motorcycle gang in a Carina coupe TA17

1977 Carina driver
The cool guy from 1996 commercial in front of a Carina TA40

1982 Safari Carina driver 1
Safari guy next to a 1982 Carina Road Runner II SA60

1982 Puppy saving Carina driver
Puppy saving dad from the 1982 Carina GT-TR TA63 commercial

1988 suntanned Carina driver
Suntanned guy in the 1988 Carina T170 commercial

1993 housedad Carina driver
Housedad in the 1993 Carina T190 commercial where his wife clearly cheated on him

1996 dweeb Carina driver
Total dweeb in the 1996 Carina T210 commercial

So what happened?? What can we make of this?
Well, first of all if you look at it from the Carina perspective they get more dull on each new generation of the car, but that also accounts for the driver as well.

On the other hand if you look at this chronologically you will notice you start out as a superstud in your late 20s, be a cool guy in your early 30s, get adventurous in your mid 30s, get suntanned in your late 30s, get cheated on in your early 40s and become a loser in your late 40s. I think that sums up the life of a Carina driver pretty much! ;)

I’m pretty glad I’m still in my early thirties (almost mid thirties) and drive the 3rd generation of Carina. So I’m quite safe at the moment. But my next car won’t be a Carina anymore, I can promise you that!! ;)

For the guy in the commercial: lucky for him the girl still remembers him as the cool guy in his late 20s and smiles, so he should be one lucky guy!