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WTF: Nissan Skyline’s mini: Langley

I really had a WTF here: I saw this ad by the same poster as a Carina ad. It is about the Skyline’s Mini, also called the Langley:
Nissan Skyline’s mini ad on Youtube

Further investigation gave me this video:

Wikipedia redirected me upon Nissan Langley to the Nissan Pulsar page and there it was: The Nissan Langley, from 1980, was a more upmarket Pulsar.

Basically what Nissan did was give better looks to the FWD Pulsar, slap some round taillights on it and call it the Nissan Skyline’s mini to attract even more buyers! Sounds to me like the same if Toyota would have sold the 3 door Sprinter Trueno as the mini Celica XX in Japan.

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  1. Sven_Q45

    The Langley and Pulsar N13 were also great. I mean it had power windows and power mirrors, window wiper with intervall, optional automatic air conditioner, optional CD radio, 100 watt (!) JBL speakers and adjustable dampers (touring and sport).
    There was also a “F-Type” I think the womens edition (like the Pulsar Elle) which had a “slope stopper” (automatic braking on a slope that you don´t have to use your brakes! also aviable on the B12 Sunny), “back scanner” (a sonar parking sensor) and even an umbrella on the door (hiding in the b pillar).
    And in 1987 a permanently 4 WD (I think the worlds first electronical one) with viscous coupling and LSD (also since 1986 the LSD). And in 1988 it had LSD as well, 4WAS (4 wheel antiskid braking, like ABS) and again a newer 4 wheel drive with 3 (!) viscous couplings. One in the front axle, one in the back and one in the middle to transfer it between the front and the back (the pre ATTESA if you like).
    The latter version of the N13 nothing special today but this drivetrain back then was just super nice! Also the GA16DE had ECCS (Electronic Computer Control System), NDIS (Nissan Direct Ignition System and NCIS (Nissan Induction Control System). PLASMA of course. :)

    Sorry to get dreamily tend away but it´s just great! :)

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