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WTF: Hey! Paula Nissan Langley?

The first thing that came into my mind when I saw the photo of the cassette below was: did Paul Newman sing a Nissan Langley song?. Fortunately not! This B-side of a Paul Newman cassette called Skyline Image Song Graffiti is called Hey! Paula and was a great hit by Paul and Paula. Nissan used…

Commercial time: jumping Skyline Japan

I think I’ve posted up this fifth generation Skyline commercial before, but I’m not sure about it… What I’m positive about is that I never posted up the small Nissan Langley commercial after it! This first generation Langley looks awfully similar to its bigger Skyline Japan brother!

WTF: Nissan Skyline’s mini: Langley

I really had a WTF here: I saw this ad by the same poster as a Carina ad. It is about the Skyline’s Mini, also called the Langley: Nissan Skyline’s mini ad on Youtube Further investigation gave me this video: Wikipedia redirected me upon Nissan Langley to the Nissan Pulsar page and there it was:…