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Carina Sightings: V-Factory Carina AA63 on Meihan Sportsland

Found this video on Youtube and it features, according to the info posted by the author, a Carina GT-R AA63 tuned by V-Factory. I tried to find info about V-Factory but I did not success so far… I did find this site, but it only mentions V-Factory to be in the Hyogo Prefecture.

This is the video featuring the AA63:

Anyone familiar with V-Factory or knows what their website is?


  1. bippu4life

    That Carina is totally sick

    Here is the website of VF

    But I don’t like it much, lack of information about that AA63 there(

    TS Factory also have nice Carina with 3S-GTE

  2. banpei

    Thanks! :)

    I did come across the TS factory Carina some time ago. It was one of the inspirations for me to buy the Carina after all. ;)

    Too bad the V-factory site doesn’t work right now… Maybe it will come up in the next couple of days or perhaps my internet connection is not working right now because your blog isn’t loading its images either… I’ll recheck later.

  3. banpei

    I could finally check the site and they have very nice stuff there! ;)
    Unfortunately nothing about the Carina…

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