Hilarious: Last Christmas covers

Hilarious: Last Christmas covers

Since it’s Christmas the hilarious posting should be Christmas related as well. 😉

It all started out with the Christmas wishes from JNC blog:

Oh man! This is corny!! All the boyband stuff!! And the worse is that we all know what they are singing!

Then I clicked through on related items and found this:

Crazy Frog!! Aaargh! I can’t believe anyone still thinks he’s funny!!

So I clicked quickly to the next related item:

“yoyo… yes i did!” 😀 😀

And when I thought it couldn’t get any better I found this one:

@2:20: “Merry christmas HO HO HO!”
They girl can’t sing (see @2:50) and the guys are trying to immitate Snoop Dogg with a very bad Engrish accent. 😉

Merry Christmas!! 😛

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