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AEU86 Meeting 2008 in Valkenburg NL

4th AEU86 anniversary will be held next saturday on 11th october 2008. Of course I’ll be there since I’m admin of AEU86.

This is the parkingplace where we meet:
Parkinglot AEU86 meet 11th of october
Nice and big parkingplace. :)

The plan:
12:00 – Meet at Valkenburg (Limburg) NL at parkingplace next to Cauberg
15:00 – Drive around in the neighborhood according to the route by Djexor
18:00 – Eat at a local pizzaria restaurant

This is the route:
route AEU86 meet 11th of october
Please note that this is no race/rally!! It should be a relaxed cruise in Limburg and if you decide to make it a race/rally it will be your own responsibility!

You can find more info and apply here:

If you need the full address for your navigation:
Cauberg 29 (not the actual address, but next to the place)
The Netherlands

See you there!!

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  1. Bobby

    We should repeat a meet like this in valkenburg!!! Wich is a very nice place BTW. I’m going there once in a while. (Casino, Spa, restaurant “gaudi” and shopping in Maastricht or Aachen)
    I would know about 3-4 cars from Luxembourg (3xAE86, 1xAE82) that might join!

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