4th AEU86 anniversary will be held next saturday on 11th october 2008. Of course I’ll be there since I’m admin of AEU86.

This is the parkingplace where we meet:
Parkinglot AEU86 meet 11th of october
Nice and big parkingplace. 🙂

The plan:
12:00 – Meet at Valkenburg (Limburg) NL at parkingplace next to Cauberg
15:00 – Drive around in the neighborhood according to the route by Djexor
18:00 – Eat at a local pizzaria restaurant

This is the route:
route AEU86 meet 11th of october
Please note that this is no race/rally!! It should be a relaxed cruise in Limburg and if you decide to make it a race/rally it will be your own responsibility!

You can find more info and apply here:

If you need the full address for your navigation:
Cauberg 29 (not the actual address, but next to the place)
The Netherlands

See you there!!