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Carina Sightings: Toyota Carina AA63 vs Volkswagen Polo (Gol) in Peru

I found this recent video of a dragrace on 24th of august 2008 with a final between a Volkswagen Polo (called Gol here) and a Toyota Carina AA63 in Peru.

17 seconds Final Round August 24 2008 CADEPOR
Spoiler: unfortunately the Carina AA63 does not win this race (0.6 seconds) but I think it is very nice to see that the AA63 actually made it to other countries than Japan!

As you can see in the picture below it is a LHD car, so it is not imported from Japan:
Toyota Carina AA63 dragracer in Peru

The side of the car has the “Twincam 16” writings on it, it has 15 inch Celica Supra rims and the rear lights look kouki to me. In other words: this a genuine left hand drive AA63 outside Japan. :)


  1. Alfredo

    Well, i´m from Perú and I know this Carina GT-R personally. This is a real JDM Carina. We peruvians, import JAPANESE RHD cars and do a conversion we call “timón cambiado” (Changed Steering wheel) and relocate (professionally) the steering wheel to the left. Thats how we can enjoy Silvias S13, Corona GT-T, Celica GT-
    T, Supras, Skylines…etc..etc..etc..


    Celica RA63 18RG

  2. banpei

    Hello Alfredo!

    Thanks for clearing that up!
    It honestly looked exactly like it would have come from the factory, so apparently you do very good conversions in Peru! ;)
    Here in the Netherlands and most other European countries it is allowed to drive a RHD car, so nobody bothers to convert it to LHD. Probably the cost to do that would make it very uninteresting for most people.

    How do you do that with the older Skylines? I thought the engine was such a tight fit they could never produce a LHD during the R30-R34 era…

  3. wesker

    i see older WW Golf
    looks like rusian car number 9

  4. banpei

    Please have a look at this:
    It really looks the same as the second generation Gol to me. ;)

  5. Anonymous

    I live in NZ, and have owned two Carina’s, used to have a silver 82, and now have a red 83/84, which I’m converting to run a 4AGZE engine. Thanks for the site, there isn’t much information on Carina’s, so it’s nice to know people have some interest in them. We drive on the left, so NZ can import direct from Japan without conversions :-)
    – Dave

  6. banpei

    Thanks for the compliment Dave!
    That was one of the things I also noticed when I bought mine: I could not find much information about the Carina either. So I started collecting info and posting stuff here. ;)

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