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Carina Sightings: Toyota Carina TA63 drag racer

And now for something completely different: a man with a tape-recorder up his nose! a Toyota Carina TA63 drag racer at the Central Circuit:
JDDA West 2013 Toyota Carina TA63
The twin spark single turbo 3T-GTEU has been swapped out in favor of, correct me if I’m wrong, a 2JZ-GTE with a big Trust Greddy T88-34D single turbo.

I have found two videos of this Carina doing runs at the JDDA-West 2013 drag event at the Central Circuit (Taka District, Hyōgo, Japan). The Carina became 7th in its class with 11.106 seconds on the quarter mile. Not the best time of the day and not the fasted on the quarter-mile you have seen before, but it is pretty decent if you think the McLaren MP4-12C is doing the quarter mile in 10.9 seconds.

The first video shows the Carina, its engine and a couple of runs and the second video shows two of those runs.

You can watch the videos below: Continue reading

Japanese rustoseums (part twentynine)

Imagine getting a tip to collect two unused 80s Nissan Skylines and when arriving at the spot you find this to be parked between the bushes:
Nissan Skyline R30 drag racer rustoseum
Nissan Skyline R30 drag racer rustoseum

An 90s drag race monster based upon a Skyline DR30!

The hood is a lightweight FRP bonnet by Rebic, headlights have been replaced for dummy items and the front wheels are a set of lightweight Wats.
Nissan Skyline R30 drag racer rustoseum
Nissan Skyline R30 drag racer rustoseum

At the rear two big ass wheels plus tires, a wide (center) exhaust that would make my drainpipe die of envy. ;)

And what about the other Skyline?
Nissan Skyline DR30 widebody
Nissan Skyline DR30 widebody

Oh, nothing special: just a widebody Ironmask… w(°0°)w

Found at [Diary of a sign maker]

Drag racing Nissan Laurel C230 and Bluebird 610

I’m not a big fan of drag racing but I can really appreciate drag racing beauties like the Laurel and Bluebirds in this video:

Apart from the 16 inch RS Watanabes this Laurel C230 doesn’t look too unusual. However when it does its run within 12.299 seconds that may be called quite respectable! The Bluebird 610 manages to do a 13.201! Not bad for 30 to 35 year old J-tin!

Carina Sightings: Toyota Carina AA63 vs Volkswagen Polo (Gol) in Peru

I found this recent video of a dragrace on 24th of august 2008 with a final between a Volkswagen Polo (called Gol here) and a Toyota Carina AA63 in Peru.

17 seconds Final Round August 24 2008 CADEPOR
Spoiler: unfortunately the Carina AA63 does not win this race (0.6 seconds) but I think it is very nice to see that the AA63 actually made it to other countries than Japan!

As you can see in the picture below it is a LHD car, so it is not imported from Japan:
Toyota Carina AA63 dragracer in Peru

The side of the car has the “Twincam 16” writings on it, it has 15 inch Celica Supra rims and the rear lights look kouki to me. In other words: this a genuine left hand drive AA63 outside Japan. :)

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