Always when you have plans for the weekend something will come up and the plans are being cancelled. :(

Yesterday drove to work and the Carina started to make some ticking noise on the highway. Couldn’t figure out what it was and it was only there when the engine was under stress.

During lunchbreak me and a colleague of mine went to see what was wrong with the car and I was already thinking about bent valves or a broken torque converter…

Lucky enough it turned out to be a broken exhaust gasket and only a tiny bit of gasses escaped through it, so that’s why it sounded like a ticking engine. Tried to find the gasket through several part suppliers, but all they could offer me was a complete set of engine gaskets for 57 euros. A bit too much if you’re planning to remove the engine (2T) anyway.

On my way back the noise started to get worse and currently I think it will break entirely if I drive long distances. Also all power from the engine (wasn’t much anyway) is gone now, so I need to replace it asap.

the exhaust gasket of the 2t engine

Today I ordered the gasket through Toyota, and to my surprise the part was only 7.33 euros and would be delivered next wednesday. You may find it weird, but most parts of the Trueno were extremely expensive and had long delivery time. (some weatherstrip cost 149 euros and would take 3 weeks to arrive!)

Can’t wait till thursday when I can pick it up! :)