I posted this video a few days back on AEU86, but in my opinion the video is misunderstood.

2 Toyota AE86s vs Nissan R34:

In this video featuring Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido taking on a “nerd” in a Nissan Skyline GTR-34. Ofcourse the two hachis win and making the piss out of the GTR. Often this is directly translated into the Hachi still being capable of beating other cars.

In my opinion this interpretation is wrong. First of all the two hachis have been modified a lot (165hp and 200hp) and drive against a bone stock GTR. Don’t forget Keiichi had over 15 years of experience with the hachi-roku when that video was shot. He modified his 165hp hachi to the max, giving him the optimal advantage.

Then both Keiichi and Orido are very experienced AE86 drivers and know the car pretty well. This against a total inexperienced GTR driver is like stealing candy from a baby. To illustrate how experienced Keiichi is: Orido can’t even pass him with a 35hp difference. Then take in mind how Keiichi drove with a R32 in the past and draw your conclusion: the driver of the R34 just sucks.

In my opinion this is also the conclusion of the video in Japanese. The “nerd” boasting about his R34 and Keiichi and Orido showing him that even if you pick the fastest car you’re nothing without skill