Family Album Treasures: the Shakotan Boogie photo album

September 12, 2014 in Family Album Treasures

Today’s Family Album Treasure is literally someone’s family album:
Family Album Treasures: Kaido Racer photo album
In the video below Hattoriworks is going through his 1987 Fuji Grand Championship photo album. Read the rest of this entry →

Video: LHD Nissan Skyline 240K in Kuwait

October 23, 2013 in video

There have been only a few places around the world that actually got LHD Nissan Skylines during the late 60s and 70s: (some countries in) Europe and the Middle East. Most Europeans did not care very much for Japanese cars and our climate isn’t that friendly to them either, so guess where you can find them nowadays…
LHD Nissan Skyline in Kuwait
Bingo! ;)

In the Middle East the rust monster leaves them alone and their only thread is a bunch of Kuwaitis hooning a couple of LHD Datsun 240K C110s and C210s: Read the rest of this entry →

WTF: Nissan copied the Toyota RV-1?

June 28, 2012 in WTF

In 1971 at the Tokyo Motor Show Toyota revealed the Toyota RV-1:
Toyota RV-1 in 1971
It clearly is based upon the (back then) new Celica TA22 and got is rear extended with the gullwing windows.

At the same time the bumper, engine hood and headlights look a bit familiar: Read the rest of this entry →

WTF: Aussie Spares Datsun C110 banger racer

February 17, 2012 in WTF

Apparently Aussie Spares only cares for Vailiant, Falcon and Holden and not for vintage JDM tin…
Aussie Spares Datsun 240K banger racer
I think Ken and Mary would disapprove…

WTF: Monstertruck crushing a Skyline C110

February 10, 2012 in WTF

We all know this little equation is right: Monstertruck + old cars = madness…
Monstertruck crushing a Skyline C110
But using (presumably) a Datsun 240K HGLC110 as crushing material equals sadness to me. ;(

According to the source it is in the Netherlands or Belgium. Since I don’t think the houses and streetsigns match any generic Dutch town it must have been the Belgians who were out of their minds in the early 80s. ;)