Commercial Time: Riding hi, Suzuki Alto Works CA72

June 11, 2014 in Commerical time

I had a big WTF while watching this Suzuki Alto Works CA72 ad. In a typically 80s Japanese style the Alto is announced with a big Liding High, Alto Woks:
Commercial Times: Riding Hi, Alto Works CA72
Disclaimer: I’m not trying to mock the Japanese here and we all know they have difficulty with foreign languages like English. The funny part is that the ad is lacking the R and high is spelled hi. Now it feels like someone is saying hi with the Alto Works. 😉

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Video: scientific review on the Alto Works RS-R

November 10, 2012 in video

A scientific review? On a Suzuki Alto Works RS-R CC72?
Suzuki Alto Works RS-R CC72

Yes, that is possible! Or at least that’s what this video appears to be! Read the rest of this entry →