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AE86 Wall of Shame: Corolla GT-S with a Levin complex

Over the past years I have created a vast collection of AE86 photos. Within this collection I managed to isolate some contenders that I would consider to be part of the wall of shame. At one of my jobs we featured a so called customer wall of shame, where customers would send weird and funny emails to customer services. So yeah, this new section will be my AE86 wall of shame which fill feature the weird and funny AE86es that I encountered over the past years.

AE86 Wall of Shame: Corolla GT-S with a Levin complex

Today I kick off with this USDM Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 which has a Levin complex. We all know how much we like the forbidden fruits. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The United States and Canada had to do without the fixed headlamps that featured on the Levin. On the other side of the pond in Europe we craved for the USDM popup headlights. Naturally the owner of this Corolla GT-S loved the looks of a Levin AE86 or a European Corolla GT AE86 and then used some clever DIY to make his/her own version of it!

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Oldskool sticker tuning on AA63 Carina

I found this enginebay image on a carprofile at Minkara:
Oldskool sticker tuning

The car itself is an AA63 Carina with an almost stock 4AGE in it, nothing fancy at all. However, as you can see all stickers are on the inside of the enginebay and not on the outside of the car, like for instance on the fender as it is done a lot nowadays. Must probably be the influence of examples taken from movies like The Fast and The Furious…

This car profile is of an owner who at least owns the car since the early 90s and these stickers look like they are from that era as well. Look at the Option sticker: it’s from before they started doing videos as well! So I assume this is really oldskool sticker tuning! ;)

Carina tuning: 1JZ-GTE twin turbo

Found this Carina with a 1JZ-GTE engine (JDM Supra MkIII/Soarer MkII) in it:

From what I can see on the grille this is a ST model, so it either featured a 1S or 3A originally.

Too bad there is not more footage of this engine swap. Would have been very interesting in what they actually had to change for this!

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