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Fuck the 86: this Starlet is better!

Yesterday I posted up the Tercel AL11 I found on the street and Simon said it resembles the Starlet quite a lot. Yes it does, but it distinguishes itself with one thing, this is something the Tercel can’t do:

Apart from the Starlet I see about half of Toyota’s early 80s lineup: a lot of Levin and Trueno AE86 plus a Celica XX (called Celcia Supra outside Japan)

Direct link to video: Toyota Starlet drifting full lock

Fuck the 86: this is the real deal!

Yes I know: that’s a very blunt statement but as I see it there is a lot of truth in that. Apart from that it was meant to say I’m currently not hopping on the 86 bandwagon, not writing the same as thousands of bloggers out there and simply just stick to the real deal: AE86 deathrace in Hokkaido!

Incredible how wild these guys throw their hachis around the track. Insanely close guardrail slides with the occasional tip over the tirestack to keep the audience awake. Well, actually I don’t think they were sleeping at all: they are just cheering to them to go closer!

Don’t get me wrong: the 86 is definitely one of the best engineered cars and it has got beautiful styling, but it is not the AE86. It is not an entry level car, not a light weight FR and on top of it all: it is currently hyped.

Direct link to video: Drifting v1.03

WTF: Trampio Trueno AE86 replica?

This is a real WTF?! In my brains the words Trampio and Levin are connected like fire and smoke, so how come this Trueno is featuring the Trampio livery then?
Trampio Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica
First of all the Trampio Levin AE86 never featured the N2 flares since it never competed in the N2 series, so it can’t be the original.

Second of all there was no Trampio Trueno AE86, only the Levin… Continue reading

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