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Initial D: that’s why Takumi’s cupholder is up front!

I was browsing some videos on Youtube and came across this Japanese Candid Camera gag (at least that’s what I think it is) putting some celebrity in a Fire Cola commercial where the taxi driver drives Takumi style with a Toyota Crown S130:

Yep, all the cola end up on that poor celebrity! Again and again, and again, and again, and again … until some very well known cop arrives on the scene in Seibu Keisatsu style. :D

As you can see, it is very difficult to keep even a cup of Cola in your hands when the driver is doing 180s and you are sitting in the back. That’s why Takumi has his cupholders up front and not in the back! ;)

Video: Austrian actor sells Japanese car collection

In April last year Japanese Nostalgic Car blog wrote about the Austrian actor Roland Düringer selling his complete collection of Japanese cars. I kind of forgot about it afterwards (like most people do…) until I stumbled upon some videos on Youtube. ;)

The videos of Roland Düringer’s sales talks were shot after the posting by JNC blog and had the purpose to boost the auctions. I guess they certainly did: the Toyota Celica liftback sold for €16600!

Let’s enjoy some of the sales talks by Roland:

It is very difficult to understand and I hope your German is better than mine, otherwise it will be totally gibberish for you! :D

Basically what he said was that the Crown was immaculate, has the 4M 6 cylinder 2600 engine, Japanese fender mirrors, skai interior and bonkers looks. The Corolla liftback is praised for its glasshouse look and only having 53000km on the odometer!

The Crown was sold for 3800 euros and the Corolla Liftback was sold for 2300 euros. Way too low for they state they were in!

So, how about another Toyota Corolla KE25 then?

This KE25 sold for 3650. Sounds like a good price for a Toyota Corolla Coupe deluxe with only 79000km on the odometer!

Something older than this? How about the Honda S800:

Sold for a well deserved 9550 euros. I love the selling point: the foglights! :D

Something newer then? How about a 1980 Mitsubisi Sapporo:

Super rare in Austria: from what I understand this car was never sold in Austria. He had it imported (flown in to Austria) from the first owner and it still has its first paint. Sold for only 2650 euros.

Then the best car of the auction, the 1977 Toyota Celica RA28:

This car was sold by a dealer and but bought back from the buyer after 6000 kilometer! The rest of it is a bit gibberish to me, but apparently it was actually meant for the Austrian Toyota museum… The car eventually sold for 16600 euros!

A bit of a shame of the MS60, Liftback and the Sapporo, but at least the other cars sold for a good price! :)

Japanese grand prix 1963

One of the people I’m subscribed to on Youtube posted old footage of the first Japanese Grand Prix in 1963 in two videos. Unfortunately he/she does not permit embedding, so I can only post links here.

The first video shows the introduction of the Grand Prix. Then it features a GT race in which a Nissan Fairlady SPL213s wins of a few other cars like Triumph TR3 and TR4, but I also spotted a Austin Healey and a Porsche. This is followed by a touring car race which is very spectacular! A lot of entertaining sideways action with old Japanese tin like the Prince Skyline ALSI-2 and Skyline S50, Toyota Crown S40s and Nissan Cedrics. In my opinion this is the most enjoyable part of the two videos!
Japanese Grand Prix 1963 video #1
Japanese Grand Prix 1963 video #1

It gets followed by the second GT race which is a bit less spectacular than the first but it still contains some really good action.

Then the introduction of the Grand Prix itself which gets started in the second video. Personally I didn’t really like the Grand Prix itself that much after seeing all that action beforehand, but I can imagine the Japanse viewers back then thought the exact opposite!

Japanese Grand Prix 1963 video #2
Japanese Grand Prix 1963 video #2

You can watch the videos here:
Japanese Grand Prix 1963 part 1
Japanese Grand Prix 1963 part 2

Rare Bosozoku cars: Toyota Crown S6/S7

This week we have a real oddity: a Toyota Crown MS65 sedan carbio:
Rare bosozoku car: Toyota Crown MS65 sedan cabrio
Rare bosozoku car: Toyota Crown MS65 sedan cabrio

I only saw one picture of a bosozoku styled Toyota Crown before, but that was the same car before it became a cabrio:
Rare bosozoku car: Toyota Crown MS65 sedan
Rare bosozoku car: Toyota Crown MS65 sedan

This is just the same as with the Galant Lambda: the car looks bonkers, as the Brits would call it, and it really makes a beautiful Bosozoku styled car. Als the MS75 hardtop is a good counterpart for the superfluous Ken-Meri Skylines we see too often… However it just doesn’t make it as a typical Bosozokus styled car because the car is lacking something: it wasn’t really meant for sports and racing!

Factory stock Toyota Crown hardtop coupe MS75
Factory stock Toyota Crown hardtop coupe MS75

The Crown S6/S7 was the fourth generation of the Toyota Crown, however it was the first Crown to be marketed as Crown in Japan: previous generations were called Toyopet.

Factory stock Toyota Crown sedan MS65
Factory stock Toyota Crown sedan MS65

This new crown featured the new 4M 2600 engine, which was the 2.6 liter version of the M engine. The older 2 liter 1M was also still available.

The Crown was meant as a luxury car and the Hardtop coupe was meant as a “personal luxury car” before that term became a hyped thing in the late 70s.

Factory stock Toyota Crown Estate (van) MS63
Factory stock Toyota Crown Estate (van) MS63

The Mark II (and later on the Chaser) were meant as the sporty cars between the Corona and the Crown. The Mark II did feature the 4M engines later on so it is understandable why the Crown hardtop coupe never really became a sporty car.

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Keiichi Tsuchiya learns cops how to drift

Just found this video on Crunchyroll about Keiichi Tsuchiya who instructs a couple of cops how to drift:
Keiichi Tsuchiya instructs cops how to drift
Keiichi Tsuchiya learns cops how to drift

Also Ken Nomura (Nomuken) features in this video and gives his best shot at a Toyota Crown policecar. He fails (possibly on purpose) and Keiichi takes over the attempt with a 4 door R34 Skyline and he succeeds in drifting it.

The video itself is quite funny to watch, but most probably all setup beforehand since it is a Hot Version video after all. Unfortunately Crunchyroll does not support embedding of videos, so you will have to visit Crunchyroll itself to view the video:
[Keiichi Tsuchiya instructs cops how to drift]

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