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DOTS: Brown Toyota Crown LS110

Imagine the surprise I had when I biked home earlier this week and saw a something resembling an early eighties Toyota two blocks away. Biked over there and to my surprise it was an immaculate Toyota Crown S110!
Toyota Crown LS110
Toyota Crown LS110

The Crown itself is a 2.2 liter diesel powered LS110 and has been imported into the Netherlands in February this year. The owner must be a very proud owner I guess.

I took some photos (B/W celluloid, so need processing) and, the one you are viewing now, a quick snap with my phonecam. Black and white photos will follow shortly.

Japanese rustoseums (part eightteen)

Time for a bit more rust on the blog! This time a bunch of abandoned kaido racers: a Toyota Crown MS125, Nissan Leopard F30 and a Nissan Skyline C210.

Let’s kick off with the Crown:
Abandoned Toyota Crown MS125 kaido racer
Abandoned Toyota Crown MS125 kaido racer

Once a major icon of the whole kaido racer scene, but nowadays just sitting around in a grassy field…

The Leopard appears to be quite complete:
Abandoned Nissan Leopard F30 kaido racer
Abandoned Nissan Leopard F30 kaido racer

However the wider FRP front fenders are unpainted and contrast with the rest of the car. Perhaps an abandoned project when the kaido racers got out of fashion in Japan?

Last, but not least, the Skyline C210:
Abandoned Nissan Skyline C210 kaido racer
Abandoned Nissan Skyline C210 kaido racer

It blends nicely with the rubbiish around, but actually this kaido racer is a real piece of art: it has custom widened fenders, swapped (double square) headlights, a big spoiler on the trunk and some yellow bamboo spears sticking out meters behind the rear of the car. And I’m sure I’ve seen it on one of the pictures on my harddisk before…

Found at [Minkara

WANT: Flex Auto in Yokohama

This is one of the most amazing second hand car dealers I’ve seen so far: Flex Auto has two mint Hakosuka Skyline GC10s, a Cedric 430, a Crown MS50, a Crown MS60, a Nissan Cedric Y30 V3.0 Turbo Brougham VIP (that is surely the longest car name ever!), a Skyline Japan, a Toyota Corona GSS hardtop coupe and, of course, a panda Toyota Levin AE86:

I’d wish the secondhand car dealer around the corner would feature such a magnificent lineup!

Direct link to video: すごい車屋さんみつけたよ~
Found through [iwa99able]

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