Bali: immaculate Corolla KE70 passing by

July 30, 2011 in bali

Near where I spotted the Longchamped Familia I also saw a Corolla KE70 coming the opposite way. I turned around, followed it for a while hoping it would stop. But I gave up after a couple of kilometers and stopped for a drink. Luck turned and another immaculate Corolla KE70 came my way:
Toyota Corolla KE70 on Bali
Toyota Corolla KE70 on Bali

Since I has stopped I had all the time of the world to take a couple of snapshots of the KE70! 🙂

Action shot from behind:
Toyota Corolla KE70 on Bali
Toyota Corolla KE70 on Bali

No idea what wheels it is on, but they surely match the oldskool rolla!

Japanese rustoseums (part twentyfour)

March 28, 2011 in rustoseums

This time rusty J-tin from the old world: a Dutch Toyota Corolla KE20 crumbling away next to a B-road. The Corolla appears to be in a reasonable state, but since it has been parked there for years now I fear the worst. Unless someone pays a ridiculous amount of money the owners will leave it there till it has merged together with the soil…
Dutch Corolla KE20
Dutch Corolla KE20

I passed this rusty rolla many many times but never actually stopped to take a picture of it. The picture was taken by Dutch Toyota Club board-member Marco when he passed it. Since he already took the picture it saves me the trouble of taking my own. 😉

Found at [Dutch Toyota club]

Random: Toyota Corolla AE86 on Bokeh

December 8, 2010 in random

On AEU86 I came across this RussianUkranian Toyota Corolla GT AE86 in beautiful bokeh:
Check out the rest of the gallery here: Aleksey Nelubov, on Flickr

Commerical time: Girls dig the Corolla FX!

November 30, 2010 in Commerical time

Even though the AE86 was the most wanted Corolla during the last two decades, the AE82 was even more wanted in the decade before that: girls just loooooved them:

Now how many girls can you stuff in your hachi-roku? I only managed to get to three. 😉

DOTS: Toyota Corolla FX EE80

August 8, 2010 in dots

Nothing much to tell about this Toyota Corolla EE80 except I passed it when I had picked up a Helios 59mm lens just minutes before. So of course I had to try it on the first thing I saw:
Toyota Corolla EE80 in rear view mirror
Toyota Corolla EE80 in rear view mirror

Pretty nice, crisp and sharp, isn’t it? 😛

Commerical time: reborn 1984 Toyota Corolla liftback (AE86)

July 2, 2010 in Commerical time

No hilarious posting today? Well I already posted something radical earlier this week, and this US commercial is somewhat hilarious as well! 😉

I know it sounds a bit weird dissing the AE86, but I had a very good laugh when I watched this US commercial of the new Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86! It is cheesy, it is very US and it even has a (double) Toyota jump in the end! Read the rest of this entry →