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Ebay treasures: Almost new red panda Levin AE86!

Okay this Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 isn’t entirely new and it surely is not for sale on Ebay (actually on Goo-net), but it only drove 36k kilometers so far! If that’s not an Ebay-treasure, I’ll eat my shoe!
1987 red panda Toyota Corolla Levin AE86
This Levin was definitely cherished by its first owner and later on restored in full glory by it seller Carland86. Carland86 is famous for their immense inventory of AE86-es that all are in excellent condition!

Levin AE86 condition

Just look at the enginebay:
1987 Red Panda Toyota Corolla Levin AE86
It is so CLEAN that you can almost eat from it! ;)

You could argue that it still has the original airbox and air filter. This might be true, but if you’re seeking out for originality this is a must. Besides that, in some countries (Germany for instance) you will need the original airbox and air filter when importing the car. This is a strange Tüv restriction, but rest assured: you can grab them for cheap on Ebay or the local classifieds.

Also just gaze at that interior:
1987 Red Panda Toyota Corolla Levin AE86
So clean that probably only one single person farted on those seats! That’s almost an invitation to buy it myself and fart in it to prove my point.

In the footwell we can find genuine Corolla Levin floormats! These floor mats were only available as dealer options, so the previous owner must have ticked a couple of boxes in the order form!

But all good things also have a dark side: it is an automatic!
1987 Red Panda Toyota Corolla Levin AE86
But don’t worry: even though it has an automatic it is still a sporty one. The automatic gearbox of the AE86 is an A42DE, which is a 4 speed automatic transmission which features the super rare overdrive option. And apart from air conditioning and power steering it also features a periodically correct Fujitsu-ten double din stereo!

You can find it for sale (for only 43000 US dollar) here: 1987 red panda Levin AE86 @ Goo-net


  1. James

    $43,000 is pretty high dont you think you can get you a GT-S in the states, with a $20,000 ultra high rev engine with a levin convt with money to spare on your suspen. Or you can buy a imported nissan R32 or R34(maybe) GT-R model. Unless you mean $4,300? then ya it’s good buy.

    • banpei

      It is 43.000 US dollars, not 4.300. ;)
      I do agree with you that you will get more value for money from a USDM GT-S with high revving engine, however it is actually a pretty good buy if you realize you are:
      1. the second owner
      2. the car had a complete overhaul
      3. No rust
      4. you get a super rare GT Apex with automatic gearbox and overdrive
      5. A USDM car will never be a JDM car

      It sounds ridiculous comparing it against a fully tuned package with the same value or a R34 GT-R, but this car is meant as a collectors item. For that purpose it is a small gem.

  2. James

    I love the hachi roku’s heck I own one and im the third owner not to mention I got for only $300 bucks(no bangs,dents,or rust) I guess thats why Im having trouble with the price but on the other hand this is a beautiful 8-6 thats RHD(Kinda looks like Keiichi’s first 8-6) if I had 43,000 to spend, I would get this. The more I look at it the more I want it.

    • banpei

      Totally agree that compared to 300 bucks its price is ridiculous and personally I would not buy it even if I had 43K… Maybe if I had 43M… :P

  3. BruneiClassicCelica

    auto transmission, never seen one before this

    • banpei

      I did see one on the photos of an AE85 in the Ukraine, however that was a 3 speed without overdrive…
      Oh, and I did see the one above in this video:
      [video got removed]
      At 2:49 you can see it in “action”.

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