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Brilliant: Super Silhouette Eurobeat!

About thirteen years ago I discovered Eurobeat through JDM games and a well known animation series, so from time to time I get Eurobeat cravings and hunt Youtube for background music at work. Today I found this great mix called Super Eurobeat Winter Crazy Racer Version:
Super Eurobeat Winter Crazy Racer Version
Yes indeed the background picture contains the original Super Silhouette Tomica Skyline KDR30 with a kaido racer knock off photoshopped (or should I say MS Painted ;) ) next to it.

Well the mix does contain some kaido racer sounds around 5:30 and police sirens near the end: Continue reading

Skyline R30 pre production models

I was watching some old Skyline documentaries and stumbled upon this little piece of footage where Shinichiro Sakurai sits inside a wooden pre production model of the Skyline R30:

You can see the lines of the coupe emerging into the real prototypes and from the prototypes to the Skyline RS Formula Silhouette. Nice!

The question is: what is that BMW 7 series doing on the test track??

Direct link to video: スカイラインの父 櫻井眞一郎

Ebay treasures: Toyota Starlet KP61 V8 racecar

Now this is a real treasure: a Toyota Starlet KP61 Silhouette racecar for only a mere 3999 euro!
Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

As you can see the bugeye Starlet got a lot of plastic surgery: widened (group 5?) fenders, a huge front air dam, an insanely big wing on the hatch and a dogbone Escort grille.

On the side profile you can still make out the cars original silhouette:
Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

So it could very well be a Silhouette Racer! :D

Starlet KP61 Racer V8
Starlet KP61 Racer V8

Looking at all the options included, apart from the (way too small) Minilite wheels, I’d say it is a pretty good deal:
– 4.2 V8
– roll cage
– fully adjustable suspension
– AP racing calipers
– Aluminum bucket seat
Now the big question remains: what engine would be hiding under that little bonnet?

Found at [B.M.S. @ Marktplaats]

Corolla Levin TE71 Super Silhouette

Of all Super Silhouette cars the Nissan Skyline RS Turbo DR30 was the most iconic, but as we know there were other cars as well. The Nissan Silvia S110 (and S12), Nissan Bluebird 910 and Mazda RX7 were the most well known. What I didn’t know yet was that there also was a (private) Toyota Corolla TE71 sibling:

It looks a bit like a minified version of that famous Silvia S110! The car is actually doing quite well: it ends up at the third place! An amazing result!

Video: 1984 Suzuka 1000km

Rocketpencil posted some new racing videos on Youtube including this 1984 Suzuka 1000km endurance race! These endurance races were always the main event for the so called Granchan races (Grand Championship) where a lot of mixed groups were racing at the same event. The Super Silhouette (Group 5) races were mostly a (short) prequel to the main event.

In this video you can see some of the Super Silhouette cars at 0:46, the Nissan Silvia Turbo and a Mazda RX7.

During the main event you can also see a few cars from a different group riding along: some Nissan Sunny B210s, Toyota Corolla Levin AE86s, Honda Civics, Mazda RX7s, a Toyota Starlet KP61, a Honda Ballade CRX and a Honda Prelude SN!

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