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Skyline R30 pre production models

I was watching some old Skyline documentaries and stumbled upon this little piece of footage where Shinichiro Sakurai sits inside a wooden pre production model of the Skyline R30:

You can see the lines of the coupe emerging into the real prototypes and from the prototypes to the Skyline RS Formula Silhouette. Nice!

The question is: what is that BMW 7 series doing on the test track??

Direct link to video: スカイラインの父 櫻井眞一郎


  1. James Yap

    Wooden pre production r30’s? I thought they might had just been camouflages on the the prototypes. I believe the 7 series was for test comparisons. A benchmark for the skyline…

    • banpei

      About the wooden prototype: I was referring to the one at the beginning where Shinichiro Sakurai sits inside a wooden prototype. The other (drive-able) prototypes are obviously camouflaged and not made of wood. ;)

      • James Yap

        Woops, my bad haha.. Watched this video before, missed out on that part in the beginning…

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