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DOTS: Two Lexus SC430

Or should it rather be Lexi?

Anyway, they barely have been pulled from production and they are rarer than coming across a Nissan Skyline R35 and still I managed to take a picture of two Lexus SC430s!
Lexus SC430
Lexus SC430

The SC430 superseded the Lexus SC400 (and the JZZ30 Soarer) and it supersedes it in many ways! I’m no SC400 nor a SC430 expert, but I think that if I could drive one of them one day my life would certainly be a bit more complete! ;)

The SC430 above was shot somewhere in the back of a villa-park and was parked next to a bungalow like house. Must have been some TV celeb living there I guess…

The one below was parked in front of a very expensive manor:
Lexus SC430
Lexus SC430

Probably the nouveau-riche…

Funny though how the rick people are picking up brands like Lexus as if they are in the same social status as Mercedes or Rolls Royce… But maybe Lexus is finally becoming an icon for the rich and famous…

Hilarious: AE86 and JZZ30 air drift

JRotaro posted this very funny video of a guy doing air drifts in the Nikko Circuit paddock/bar. Especially the AE86 (NA 4AGE) is spot on and the JZZ30 is simply hilarious! What else can you expect from a group of drifters who solely breath through their 4AGEs! :D

I suspect it is 86jnosakuretu48te who did this marvelous performance. ;)

jrotaro did post a few vids of the AE86 air drifts before:

DOTS: 200SX S12, Starion and Soarer

Two months ago I posted some older Down on the Street by me from a period where I didn’t even have a proper digicam yet. So, here are some more beautiful cars taken on a crappy phonecam!

Let’s start with this nice S12:
Down on the Street: Nissan 200SX S12
Down on the Street: Nissan 200SX S12

The Silvia S12 was called the 200SX in the US and even though this car has the “normal” CA18ET under its hood it is still badged as the 200SX. ;)
Back then the owner of this car lived in the center of Amsterdam and took the habit of parking it close to my house (waiting time for a parking license in Amsterdam is about 3 to 4 years!) so I saw it many many times. According to the RDW this car no longer exists in the Netherlands…

How about a non-widebody Starion then?
Down on the Street: Mitsubishi Starion
Down on the Street: Mitsubishi Starion

Owned by the same person who owned the Starion widebody and disappeared a few days after I took the picture. It is no longer registered on the Dutch roads, so I don’t have to guess what happened to it…

This Soarer parked in front of my house was a nice surprise after a long day of work:
Down on the Street: Toyota Soarer JZZ31
Down on the Street: Toyota Soarer JZZ31

Back then I still had my AE86 so within 20 meters apart there were an AE86, a Starion widebody and a Soarer! Too bad they were not directly parked next to each other…

Ten minutes after I took this picture the Soarer left. Engine sounded like a non turbo 6 cylinder engine, so most definitely a JZZ31 with a 2JZ-GE. Only the badge makes it a Toyota Soarer and not a Lexus SC300, the rest of it is identical. However I still like the idea of seeing a real Soarer! ;)

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