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Commerical time: We, motor sports

The last bunch Hide7031 posted so far are the commercials for the Nissan Skyline R31 series. Especially the third commercial shows its 80s brilliance: We, motor sports. That’s about everything you need to know!

The other commercials continue with this catchphrase and do we actually see the 80s Ken and Mary jumping in the fifth commercial?

Video: 21 years ago on the 1989 Tokyo Auto Salon…

21 years ago on the 1989 Tokyo Auto Salon when the Nissan Silvia S13, Mazda RX7 FC, Nissan Skyline R31, Toyota Supra JZA70, Nissan 300ZX Z31 were still fresh and tuned to the max:

My favorite is definitely the Advan Super Silhouette inspired replica @5:30!

Now compare that to the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon:

Quite a difference, right! 😛

Also note the Nissan Skyline R32 is missing here! The R32 debuted in May 1989 (press release) and was only for sale in July that year. So naturally it was absent on the Auto Salon…

Car chases: Abunai Deka full episode

Remember the Abunai Deka driving some Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Well, the full episode has been uploaded by abunaideka1989 on Youtube. The episode starts a bit slow, but I really liked this second part:

First of all their 4 door Skyline R31 gets some bulletholes from an old geezer, then when they stop at a gas station they almost get run over by a RA45/TA45 Carina GT. 😀
Lucky enough the Carina survives well! 😛

Not enough car chases in that part? What about his fourth part with a lot of sideways action by a Cefiro A31:

Now if you really want to know how they end up in a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and how it ends, you can watch the whole episode here:
Abunai Deka full episode

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