Remembering Japanese cars from the past

WTF: Japan (Skyline) versus Germany (E34)

Nissan versus BMW, Skyline versus 5 series, R31 versus E34, bippu versus autobahnst├╝rmer. Do I need to say more?
Skyline versus BMW


  1. Jyap

    I think you might have mistaken the skyline for a C32 Laurel instead. The C pillars seem to be different compared to DR30 skylines.. =P

    • banpei

      I can understand the confusion: the Laurel C32 hardtop has a similar C pillar as the Skyline R31.


      But you can also see that the C32 has a sloping trunk/bootlid while the R31 is actually going upwards.

      And you can also see more photos of the Skyline vs Beemer here.

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