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Friday Video: Okayama R30 meeting

Meeting videos are always fun to watch, especially if the meeting is a Skyline R30 meeting!
Okayama R30 meeting
Starting from 0:30 onwards a complete lineup of all Skylines present starts and I love how you can see all the small differences between all the similar cars: some have Hoshino Impul rims, other deep dished ones and another transformed his Skyline into a track monster!

And a R30 meeting would not be complete if there wasn’t another amazing car present: Continue reading

Family Album Treasures: Turbo Skylining

This guy must have been passing by this beautiful skyline of a lake next to the touge and thought it would be nice to stand between the two skylines! 😉
Skyline RS Turbo R30
This scene also reminds me a bit of the end scene of the first Shuto Kousoku Trial, but I guess that must be the Skyline plus the typical 80s fashion.

Found at Minkara

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