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Repost: 30 years of Tamiya R/C cars

Now this is probably the coolest Tamiya poster I’ve ever seen: 30 years of Tamiya R/C cars This poster from 2006 covers the most important models by Tamiya in their 30 years of radio controlled cars. It starts with the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Now on the top left and you can see many nice…

No posting today!

No posting today: I’m getting married to the most beautiful woman I know today so there won’t be a posting today! Since I did not hire keyboard cat to play tunes on my wedding I think you all should enjoy his playing today instead of us:


Repost: Japanese Madness

Personally I hate shameless reposting of videos but I couldn’t refuse this one: It is the official music video of Peter, Bjorn and John’s Nothing to Worry About. The music video is shot in cooperation with a couple of Japanese Rockabillies. And Japanese Rockabilies are closely related to Bosozoku. Originally posted by Geki Minihux on…