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Repost: 30 years of Tamiya R/C cars

Now this is probably the coolest Tamiya poster I’ve ever seen:
30 years of Tamiya R/C cars
30 years of Tamiya R/C cars

This poster from 2006 covers the most important models by Tamiya in their 30 years of radio controlled cars. It starts with the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Now on the top left and you can see many nice JDM models in there: next to the 934 a Group 5 Celica Celica liftback A28, in the mid left a Group 5 Nissan Fairlady S30 240Z, a Honda City Turbo, some Skyline R32s in the mid right and a Supra JZA80 at the right bottom. Can you spot some more great models I missed?

Found at Jalopnik via Burst sausages via Save the Enzos via ac75d’s photostream @ Flickr (can it even get reposted more than this? :o )


  1. Kid Karola

    TAMIYA 1st in quality around the world! They’re old mission statement is still true today. Always great detail and excellent build quality on their RC models and static display kits.

    I had a really cool promotional video from the late 80’s with all the great RC cars (Hot-Shot, Fox, Frog, Hornet, Wild Willy, Porsche 956… et al) Also 30min section about the process to make their scale static models thru all stages to production, and finally a guide to detailed diarama construction.

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