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No posting today!

No posting today: I’m getting married to the most beautiful woman I know today so there won’t be a posting today!

Since I did not hire keyboard cat to play tunes on my wedding I think you all should enjoy his playing today instead of us:


  1. Koguchi Power

    Congratz with the wedding… :)
    And a big LOL at Millen hahaha

  2. odd parity

    …and where was our invitation? ;-)

  3. EKhatch

    Congratulations !

  4. banpei

    Thanks! :)
    We tried to keep it small and only invited our parents and brothers… But you are welcome to come over and congratulate us in person. ;)

  5. banpei

    @EKhatch and Koguchi Power: Thanks! :)
    BTW: This is the actual reason keyboard cat couldn’t make it. He was already occupied by playing at somebody else’s wedding:

  6. aa63

    Congrats to your wonderful day…

  7. Praveuserie

    Hi, I just wanted to say hello. I read this forum for quite some time and finally I registered.

    PS. Sorry for my English is not perfect yet …

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