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Dome Zero prototype 1978 by Takashi Fujuku- Cutaway Drawings

There are a few Italian concept cars from the 1970s that really made an impact design-wise: the Ferrari Modulo and the Lancia Stratos Zero. To prove the Japanese were equally capable of designing striking cars, Minoru Hayashi designed the Dome (pronounced do-mu), built a prototype and exhibited it at the Geneva Motor Show in 1978. This exact prototype is what Takashi Fujiku drew here:

1978 Dome Zero prototype drawn by Takashi Jufuku
1978 Dome Zero prototype drawn by Takashi Jufuku
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Picture of the Week: Toyota 4AGZE engine cutaway drawing

This cutaway drawing is a tad different than before as it is all about an engine instead of a car. It is a delight to see the Toyota 4AGZE engine in such fine details:
Picture of the Week: Toyota 4A-GZE engine cutaway drawing
I don’t know where this Toyota 4AGZE cutaway drawing originates from, but I would expect it to be taken from a brochure of either the supercharged Toyota MR2 AW11 or the supercharged Toyota Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno AE92. I would say the AW11 as the intercooler is mounted next to the engine.

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Picture of the Week: Datsun 180B sedan cutaway drawing

The Datsun 180B (Nissan Bluebird 810) is one of my favorite Nissans of all times: it is right between Nissan’s coke-bottle styling and the more serious and cooperate squared off designs of the 70s. So not surprisingly I printer this cutaway drawing of the Datsun 180B and put it up on the wall:
Datsun 180B Cutaway drawing
I do fancy the design of the Datsun 180B two door coupe a bit more but I can’t complain, can’t I?

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Picture of the Week: Lexus LS400 Cutaway

This time this cut up Lexus LS400 is not a cutaway drawing but the real deal:
Picture of the Week: cutaway Lexus LS400
It is a bit of a shame I could not find a real cutaway drawing of the Lexus LS400 as this would have made an excellent example on how accurate the drawing would be. Also nice to note that since September this year the Lexus LS400 is officially a classic car now as the early models reached the age of 25 years.

Found at: Lextreme

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