Picture of the Week: Lexus LS400 Cutaway

Picture of the Week: Lexus LS400 Cutaway

This time this cut up Lexus LS400 is not a cutaway drawing but the real deal:
Picture of the Week: cutaway Lexus LS400
It is a bit of a shame I could not find a real cutaway drawing of the Lexus LS400 as this would have made an excellent example on how accurate the drawing would be. Also nice to note that since September this year the Lexus LS400 is officially a classic car now as the early models reached the age of 25 years.

Found at: Lextreme

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  1. I have A photo of Cutaway LS400 at 14th Bangkok International Motor Show 1993,4 – 12 May 1993 how can i post to you

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