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Nearly original red 1984 Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63 – Carina Sightings

I have been seeing this nearly original Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63 for the past few years in videos. I think it is one of the most stunning Carina A60s I’ve seen! As there are many videos around, I’d thought I’d go over the car once using photos from one video, and then make an overview of all the other videos I found of the car.

Red 1984 Carina GT-TR TA63 from Hokkaido

This 1984 Carina GT-TR TA63 is from Hokkaido. It is covered by various people on YouTube, but I’ll feature videos by Yu Sasaki and Bankakuemiko.

Near original red 1984 Carina GT-TR TA63
Near original red 1984 Carina GT-TR TA63

At first glance, you would think it is nearly original. Almost as if it were new from the factory. It even still has the small black trim pieces on the wheel arches that were only present after the facelift in 1984. However, there are a few things that make it not original. From the outside, compare it to the red GT-TR in the 1984 Carina brochure:

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Panda AE86 paint scheme [JDM Trivia #8]

JDM Trivia number eight!

I expected people to jump on the Fujiwara Tofu livery of the Corolla E80 sedan and I was right about that. Actually I wasn’t aiming for the Initial D inspired sticker but rather for the panda AE86 paint scheme applied to it. Why? Well because the two tone panda paint scheme of the AE86 is actually quite subtle and it is easy to make mistakes in it.
JDM Trivia #8: Panda AE86 paint scheme

Panda AE86 paint scheme

To get started, and sorry if you already know this, but there are two types of the hachi roku: the Toyota Corolla Levin and the Toyota Sprinter Trueno. The former has fixed square head lights while the latter has 70s and 80s style popup head lights. Both of them featured in two body styles: 3 door hatch back and 2 door sedan. People also refer both as a coupe as they have been marketed as a coupe in various regions. However according to the Toyota firewall ID plates the real coupe is the 3 door hatchback and the 2 door sedan is called a hardtop. But enough about introducing even more confusion… Continue reading

Brilliant: Maeda Tomato Shop panda red Levin AE86

About ten years ago it was very hard to find a panda white Sprinter Trueno AE86 at all and nowadays it is more or less a challenge to find one that was originally delivered in panda white!

The owner of this panda red Levin AE86 must have thought his car was just the opposite of the panda white Trueno:
Panda red AE86 Maeda Tomato Shop
The writing says Maeda Tomato Shop (private) and what is the opposite of tofu-white panda? Right: tomato red panda!

Found at Morningcoffee

Wrecked: red panda Sprinter Trueno GT Apex

On January second 1997 this almost mint red panda Sprinter Trueno GT Apex AE86 died:
Wrecked: red panda Sprinter Trueno GT Apex AE86
This zenki Trueno was built in July 1984 and featured Bilstein shocks, TRD lowering springs, TRD LSD and a Tanabe limited exhaust. The wheels are a bit difficult to identify since they are not listed, but looking at the design it could come close to a set of black Advan A3As.

From the picture above it does not look that bad, but from the rear it becomes apparent why this car was declared to be totaled: Continue reading

Down on the desk: Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 mouse

It took only 13 days to arrive from Japan to my desk: the BOSS Coffee Sprinter Trueno car mouse!
Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 mouse
The tail lights really do work, the indicator lights do shine a bit (light comes from the optical led) and the shape is okayish to work with, especially since my hands are above average Dutch size and absolutely non-Japanese sized nor shaped. So currently I’m kind of drifting my AE86 mouse on my desk at work and work as a BOSS! ;)

Big thanks to 7Tune for offering them for sale and the “Like a BOSS” heart! I hope you guys enjoyed drinking the Coffee first or did you just empty it into the sink?

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