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DOTS: Real Mistubishi Lancer Evolution!

Mitsubishi assigned a number to each evolution of the Lancer rally car with four wheel drive and a 4G63T engine (after 2008 the 4B11T), so the EVO VI would actually be the sixth evolution of the Mitsubishi Lancer rally car.

I found this seventh generation Lancer powered by the 1.3 4G13 parked around the corner earlier this summer but never actually placed the pictures here.
Real Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution!
However the time is right: as you can see this Lancer isn’t ready yet. It only had some striping, vinyl cut banner and some alloys distinguish it from how it looked when it left the factory.

Last Saturday I thought I spotted an actual EVO but found to be surprised it was the same car! I followed it and managed to take a snapshot of it while taking a roundabout: Continue reading

DOTS: out of placed EVO VI

I spotted this Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI in the parkinglot of a biological apple orchard. I already thought before going there me and my not so environmentally friendly 29 year old Carina were a bit out of place (especially after driving 40 kilometers to the orchard), but the Lancer was definitely more out of place here!
Mitsubishi Lancer CP9A
Still wonder how weird sight it must have been: the owner loading up a few kilos of biological and environmentally friendly apples in his EVO VI. XD

Video: drifting on Kurume in 1991

I think these three videos are about the earliest drift videos to be found on Youtube so far!
Be prepared for an overkill of Hakosuka Skylines, Corolla Levin AE86s and Sprinter Trueno AE86s, (brand new) Nissan Silvia and 180SX S13s, Mazda FCs, MR2 AW11s, Isuzu Gemini, Eunos Roadster, Lancer Turbo, Toyota Carina and even an Isuzu Piazza right at the beginning! Two of the videos are shot on the pass next to Kurume (Fukuokai) and the other one on Yz circuit in Mizunami!

In this second video it really shows how dangerous the drifts of these guys actually were: I stopped counting after the tenth near accident with oncoming traffic!

Yes, a real bunch of lunatics!

There is some serious action on the YZ circuit going on and at 4:36 you can spot an occasional zenki Carina GT twice:

Looking at all this track action I get the feeling the aftermarket for springs and shocks wasn’t as big as today! Most of the cars drift like a boat! 😀

I understand why Shuichi Shigeno got inspired by his drift friends back in the early nineties! These guys really were way before drifting went from fun to pro.

All videos found at [Pipiyumio]

Commerical time: Lancer fights on in China

I always liked the looks of the seventh generation Lancer, especially when it became available in that awesome EVO package. I really have fond memories of seeing a EVO V up close during a smoke break in 2001 when one of the (shady) business partners of one of my former employers parked it right next to me. I can still remember that awesome sound, those awesome looks and that awesome smell of burnt oil! 🙂

Anyways, I’m drifting off a bit too much… The Chinese car manufacturer Soueast is building the seventh generation of the Lancer in license. In other words, you can still buy them!

There is also a sports edition with a restyled nose. Let’s hope the Chinese are sane enough to offer the EVO versions as well! 🙂

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