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Japanse Autosport Festival 2012: the first impression

Just came home from the Japanse Autosport Festival 2012 in Zandvoort and it has been a looooong day so I will try to keep it short now and do photo uploads and such tomorrow. So what was my impression of the day? I think this picture describes it best:
Stickerbombed Mazda MX5 headlight
The most great/fresh/exciting/energetic day I had in ages!
Oh and I almost forgot: I’m in love with my “new” camera! (secondhand 5d mk1 with split focus screen)

So stay tuned for a week of photobombs!

DOTS: Miata hunting (part twentyone)

Normally I only spot a Miata once every two weeks. Sometimes I’m lucky and spot two in the same week. Sometimes I’m even luckier and I spot two on the same day. So how lucky was I this week when I spotted these two Mazda MX5 NAs behind each other at the traffic light?
Spotting two Miatas at the same time
Actually only the top one is a MX5 because the silver NA below the red NA is an imported USDM Miata.

DOTS: Miata hunting (part nineteen) plus bonus

After two Miataless months I thought it would be and excellent time to post up something I snapshotted half a year ago when I was at the Santa Clara conference hall. A USDM Miata had been parked at the conference parkinglot and while I was searching my bag for my HTC phonecam a white Celica RA42 parked right next to it! Yes, the Celica was indeed driven by a disabled person and it did have an automatic transmission.
USDM Miata and bonus Celica RA42
If you look at the Celica and Miata and compare it against the other two behemoths next to them you realize these two cars are very very un-American. ;)

When I walked around to take a snapshot up front the Miata owner returned left, so all in all I just had about one minute of luck to take the above snapshot. This is how the Celica looks up front: Continue reading

DOTS: Miata hunting! (part seventeen)

It has been a while since I posted up some Miatas. I definitely wanted to take loads pictures of Miatas in California, but since they were so ubiquitous I stopped after a while and in the end only have to post up…

First of all this Silver MX5 NC, caught at the tramstop in San Franciso:
Silver Mazda MX5 NC in San Francisco
Silver Mazda MX5 NC in San Francisco

The reason it was shot this irregular was that my colleague (who I was travelling with) was complaining he would be in the picture. So enjoy “Jake” and his silvery shoes. ;)

Second of all this green Miata, parked in the parkinglot of the conference center:
Green Mazda Miata NA in Santa Clara
Green Mazda Miata NA in Santa Clara

A Celia RA42 was parked right next to it. I’ll post that in one of the next down on the street postings.

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