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Itasha: this year will be big!

A new year has started, so let’s bring on the predictions for the upcoming year! My first prediction will be that Itasha will become big! Maybe not outside Japan, but surely it will become BIG in Japan!

As you can see in this video at 4:05 even Isami Amemiya is picking up the trend! So if you want to be running up front and be a trend setter: start converting your GTR, FD or VIP car to an Itasha! :D

Bee*R R324 versus B?RS ER34

We all know the famous Bee*R R324 conversions. Ever since they became available they are flooding the forums! So let’s kick off with a nice example in Finland:

Now, that’s the old style…

Let’s have a look at the the new style B?RS ER34:

I know, I know… Most of you don’t like the B?RS at all! But think about it as what most people thought about JDM car styling 10 years ago… Will this be our future?

Xmas wish list: an Itasha for my son

Now this is the ultimate cover up gift for my son:

An itasha (??) diecast! This way I can both buy him a present and still get the itasha diecast as well! ;)
Just look at how happy this little girl is with her purple RX8 itasha!

Now…where can I buy itasha diecasts for a reasonable price??

Itasha: not every Japanese knows its meaning!

You may think every Japanese citizen would know the meaning of Itasha (??), however as this video explains they do not…

The word Itasha is a word that consists of the words Itai (?) and Sha (?), meaning Painful and Vehicle. Painful is used in a way that it means painful for the wallet. The word is also a pun on Itariasha (?????) which is shortend into Itasha (???) and means Italian Car. Note that the two words are written differently but pronounced the same!

So that explains a lot why all those interviewed people did not know the true meaning of Itasha!

BTW: Itasha is getting bigger and bigger… This will be the next major export style from Japan!

Itasha: don’t limit yourselves to Japanese cars!

Just came across this video of a couple of itasha:

It show the itasha fanatics are not only limiting themselves to Japanese cars alone. At quick glance I spotted several BMWs, an Alfa Romeo 156, a Lotus Elise, Alfa Romeo GTA, Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, Lincoln Continental, Audi TT and a Corvette!

Somehow I’m starting to get more and more into the itasha. Maybe start another blog about them? :P

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