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Toys: vintage Bluebird-U 2000GT RC car

Last week I stumbled across this Nissan Bluebird-U RC car by Bandai:
Bandai Nissan Bluebird U 2000GT RC car
It has dents all over it and the remote control doesn’t look that remote nowadays but back when it was new it was the best you could get!

Just imagine that the boy who used to play with this rare 2000GT hardtop coupe is now old enough to actually have owned several of them! If that is the case I probably already should have owned several 935s by now! :D

Found at Crazy-Doctor

Family Album Treasures: fishy Mark II GSL

Normally fishermen pose with their catch next to the boat they used to catch it, so would these two guys have used their Toyota Mark II GSL for that purpose?
Toyota Mark II GSL RX22
No I don’t think so: they must have caught their fish on a pier or something and then posed in front the rear-end of the Mark II. Definitely worth sticking this photo into the family album. ;)

Took me a while to figure out what model it is, but apparently it is a Mark II GSL hardtop coupe RX22 with the double carbed R18-B. It is a very beautiful car and probably impossible to find outside Japan. Also note the fifth generation Corona T100 and first generation Celica in the background!

Found at afabf000

JCS2011: Emblems, decals and details!

Time to share some emblems, decals and sticker close ups!
Toyota Crown MS75 emblem
Toyota Crown MS75 emblem

This Crown emblem was on the bumper of a Crown hardtop coupe MS75. I love the bonkers design of this whale Crown and certainly small details like this little Crown logo…

Another Crown detail:
Toyota Crown MS56 emblem
Toyota Crown MS56 emblem

The Crown emblem is placed on the sill just between the two hinges of the rear door. Yes, it has a rear door!

Datsun 2400 Super Six emblem
Datsun 2400 Super Six emblem

The Datsun 2400 (aka the Nissan Cedric 130 in Japan) may look like a very square boxy thing, but in fact it contains very tiny little details like this small fin to create a distinction between the rear fender and the trunk.

Almost the same emblem, but then on the grille:
Datsun 2400 Super Six grille emblem
Datsun 2400 Super Six grille emblem

Tried to make the depth of field as low as possible and yet still make it readable. The Cedric emblem is almost fully blurred out.

Another example of depth of field on the Datsun 2400 Super Six:
Datsun 2400 Super Six silhouette
Datsun 2400 Super Six silhouette

The middle point of the grille has got full focus, but everything around it is blurred out. I actually had two variants of this photo: with and without people walking in the background. Somehow I liked the one with people in the background better!

Nissan Laurel C32 hardtop sedan Medalist
Nissan Laurel C32 hardtop sedan Medalist

A bit more modern is the logo of this Nissan Laurel C32 hardtop sedan Medalist. Lots of fake chrome on the grille making lots of bling-bling!

Suzuki Swift GTi Twincam 16 SA-413
Suzuki Swift GTi Twin Cam 16 SA-413

Even more modern are the sticker based decals on a Suzuki Swift GTi Twin Cam 16 (aka Cultus GTi). I was especially interested in the design of the Twin Cam decal because I’m selling Toyota AE86 Twin Cam 16 decals and they differ only a slight bit.

One more post on the JCS coming up this week and then I’ll be done with it. ;)
In the meanwhile more photos will appear on my Flickr account.

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