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Pigletsbutt Laurel C30

The Nissan Laurel C130 hardtop coupe is also know as the butaketsu (pigsbutt) Laurel, so should its predecessor Laurel C30 hardtop coupe be called the Kobutaketsu (pigletsbutt) then?
Pigletsbutt Laurel C30 hardtop coupe

From the front it looks exactly the same as the normal Laurel C30:
Pigletsbutt Laurel C30 hardtop coupe

But from the rear…
Pigletsbutt Laurel C30 hardtop coupe
…just look at that ass!
You can clearly see the start of the coke-bottle style lines that the Laurel C130 is famous for. Also squint your eyes and imagine those tail lights to be integrated into the rear bumper!

Found at Churasan8888

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  1. Nigel

    Also a 510/610 vibe.

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