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Brilliant: Honda Museum in Google Streetview

A couple of days ago I read on Jalopnik that the Honda Museum in Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture) in Japan is now available on Google Streetview. Of course you can’t read all the fine details on the exhibits but you surely can get a good impression of the museum and if I ever go to Japan I’ll certainly will visit the museum!

Next to the entrance this Honda RA271 formula one car welcomes you:
Honda Museum on Google Streetview
Next to it is a pristine S600 convertible.

Upstairs you will find even more formula one cars, like the world championship winning RA272: Continue reading

Carina sightings: my Carina on Google Streetview

Google Streetview has been updated in the Netherlands yesterday. Of course I checked some familiar spots first including my house.

For some reason the images of my house are mixed up with the images of a street right next to it. Fortunately enough there are images of my Carina on Streetview:
My Toyota Carina TA60 on Google Streetview
My Toyota Carina TA60 on Google Streetview

Unfortunately this is the only “good” picture I could capture since the other images were from the street next to mine…

I also found some of the Down on the Street entries as well, so I’ll post them next Sunday.

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