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Google+ Groups

Just read the news that Google added groups to Google+.
I’m not a big user of G+ but decided to give it a go and see how it develops. Also added their primitive widget to the menu on the right but I hope it will get replaced soon with the promising Facebookish full widget that was disabled as an option and announced as “coming soon”. ;)

You can find the Group here

Random: Google maps knows where Mt Akina is

Yesterday Hashiriya Exports posted a video on Mt Hakone and commented that Mount Hakone is well known as being Mount Akina in Initial D. I thought this statement was wrong and looked it up since I did find some footage of drifting on Mount Hakone some time ago and also remembered Mount Haruna being Mount Akina… I feel a bit like an otaku correcting someone living in Japan when I never visited Japan myself!

Well, apparently I was not really thinking well and I accidentally entered Mount Akine as search phrase on Google maps and I was amazed I actually got a result and even could get directions from Hakone to Mount Akina:
Directions from Hakone to Mount Akina on Google Maps

So which Initial D freak working at Google Maps did enter Mount Akina as synonym for Mount Haruna?? :D

Google-images not indexing image tags with single quotes?

Just some plain weirdness: Google Images stopped indexing my images some time ago and I’ve already tried several things to improve this. Up so far I did not succeed…

I did just notice that most of the image tags of the images indexed were all done with double-quotes instead of the current single quote I’m using… Perhaps that’s the answer why! So, let’s see in a couple of days if the indexed images are better! :)

Fast! Carina Leather-covered wolf in sheep!

While searching through Carina pictures in (search phrase “????”) I came across a really nicely done AA63:

AA63 leather covered wolf front view
AA63 leather covered wolf rear view
See more here

I don’t like the interior though: a bit too much ricer…

After translating the text through Google Translate I got some really nice grammar:
WANOFU created at the 5-valve 4 AG + BORUTOONTABIN NOTSU it is also an official car
MAPPINGUDETA, save the other.
Fast! Leather-covered wolf in sheep!
Back to old people and they may be macho (laughs)
Can you create a tuner
But in terms of maintenance questions or relieved?
It Big normally, it can wield a stylish car Official
Audio ENSUTA outside of a strange one on board?
We are embarked is the net price shops
Persistent strong-arm sales and sales also will
Please feel free to contact us online.

Read the full version

I know, online translations still suck, however most of the time the look okay. Didn’t see bad grammar like this for a long time now…


Someone created Googlopoly. Indeed: Google is getting more and more a monopoly, so it should be quite right.

As you can see on the board it contains a couple of names which Google didn’t acquire yet, however it’s only a matter of time… ;)

Googlopoly website
Click on the image to go to the original webpage of Googlopoly and see the full size image of the board.

Google translations: finish your relationship!

I was viewing this awesome auction on Auctions Yahoo Japan and tried to find out what it all said…

Toyota AA63 Carina on

Apparently the car has only driven 44184 km, that’s even less than mine!! It has power windows, central locking, aircon, etc… All the things my car lacks. Apart from that the car appears to be in awesome state.

Toyota AA63 Carina on

Anyway, the google translation isn’t that good. If I wouldn’t know better I would definetly not buy the car (well, I wouldn’t be able to because I don’t have the funds to get the car here anyway):

The body itself is a rust, but most of the trunk is a little rust, has been floating. ????????????? In places, and also to be included. ??????????? Now check the car are very welcome.

Not particulary very comforting words. :P

Repair calendar, but the car guy to look at me at probably no repair and that is, is known exactly, do not know, please.

So it is known exactly, however on the other hand not…

And the questions asked to the seller are even better!

Question 2 ???: onevia_na_827 ( 10 ? Author: onevia_na_827 (10) 12? 13? 1? 25? December 13, 1:25
????????? Excuse me in the night. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Summary amount as soon as this week or next week to look at the current car, but I bought IN summarily How much are you planning to? ???????????????????????????? And now the car or failure is no explanation other than you?
??2 Answer 2 ???: tsuzakijp ? 195 ? (???) Author: tsuzakijp (195) (exhibitor) 12? 13? 17? 10? December 13 17:10
?????????????????????????? Unfortunately, it was summarily station, in mind. ????????????? Please finish your relationship. ?????????????????? So where failure is not recur.

So… Finish your relationship and buy the car? I’d rather not…

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