Onevia, Glass Waterfall and JDM Presidential VIP treatment [ Episode 3 ]

December 23, 2016 in what did i watch this week

Welcome to another episode of What Did I Watch This Week? and this episode will contain five highlighted videos: Onevia, Roll in and out, Glass Waterfall, Jack Nicklaus and JDM Presidential VIP treatment.

Mighty Car Mods revealed the current state of 2Sexy and Tay Tay. Also they announced their Roadkill vs MCM to be released on Christmas day! Be sure to check their channel for these updates!
What did I watch this week - Episode 3

Other news is that 84Hachi posted a video, listing all the components he used for the 4AC distributor cancellation with a coil on plug conversion. Be sure to check it out here.

Now for the five videos I watched this week: Read the rest of this entry →

JDM Trivia #3: Nissan Gloria Jack Nicklaus edition

December 16, 2015 in JDM Trivia

JDM Trivia #3: Nissan Gloria Jack Nicklaus edition

This is JDM Trivia number three!
JDM Trivia #3: Nissan Gloria Jack Nicklaus edition
Daniel O’Grady from Wasabi Cars guessed last weeks teaser: the man is indeed Jack Nicklaus and his connection with Nissan is the Nissan Gloria.

The Golden Bear

Jack Nicklaus, also nicknamed The Golden Bear, is regarded as the greatest professional golfer ever. Within the 25 years when he was actively competing he won 18 major championships. Most car manufacturers like to get a bit of that fame and glory with their classy cars and Nissan wasn’t the only one to line up for Jack Nicklaus. Read the rest of this entry →

Nissan Gloria music

November 1, 2010 in wtf

A few weeks ago I posted about the Nissan Skyline music collection, well I found another one! A Nissan Gloria Y30 music cassette:
Nissan Gloria Y30 music cassette
Nissan Gloria Y30 music cassette

Apparently this cassette was delivered along with a VIP Brougham edition that even featured a microphone to sing karaoke while you drive. WTF?!

Found at kpy30vip

Family Album Treasures: careless Gloria Y30

August 7, 2010 in Family Album Treasures

Back in 1989 when the Japanese economy was still blooming and the Lost Decade was on the doorstep, this guy looked so careless in his Y30:
Careless in your Gloria Y30
Careless in your Gloria Y30

Nothing to worry about! 😉

Found at KPY30VIP

Car feature: Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP Y30

March 30, 2010 in car feature

It can’t get more VIP than with this Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP Y30! If not only for its interior, but also for its smooth VG30ET 3 liter V6 turbo engine! Apparently Youtube user iwa730 wants to share its luck with us:

Its got about everything Nissan and the Japanese innovation could cram into that 185 inch long ship: cruise control, active suspension, cruise control and radio controls on the steering wheel, auto transmission with sports switch, radio with tapedeck, aircon, leather seats, pluche door cards, adjustable power mirrors, code protected driver side door, genuine hardtop roof, wire wheels and the list is probably ten times longer than this!

Also the car is in great imbalance: the V-30-turbo Brougham VIP badge is about ten times as heavy as the Nissan badge on the other side of the car! 😀

Anyone wants to trade his Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP for my Carina TA60? 😛

For sale: Nissan Gloria hardtop 430

March 8, 2010 in for sale

I found this damn nice Hungarian Nissan Gloria hardtop 430 for sale on Autoscout:
For sale: damn nice Nissan Gloria Y30
For sale: damn nice Nissan Gloria 430

Also all pictures of the Gloria are just as beautiful as the Gloria itself! I didn’t even know that Nissan actually sold the 430 in Europe! Price is not even touching 6K euros, so a definite want! 🙂

Only drawback is that all these images of what I could do with it keep popping up in my head… Something like Team Madonna did for instance… So maybe a no go for me…

You can find it for sale here: Nissan Gloria 430 hardtop @ Autoscout24