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Drift video: Suzumebachi attack! (part 2)

Half a year ago I already featured another Suzumebachi attack! post, also with videos by JRotaro and ae86lan. Difference is that this time they have been shot from the inside of one of the hachis:

At first only two hachis make their drifts on the Mount Fuji drift course (next to the Fuji International Speedway) but slowly more and more hachis join in.

Here is another video with 10 minutes of those suzumebachi hornets going sideways: Continue reading

Video: 1972 TS-a Touring Car race @ Fuji Speedway

I found a couple of old 70s videos of the Gran Prix Touring Car races at Fuji International Speedway of which this 1972 race is one of the best!

It starts off with showing the thorough process of inspections and approvals on a Toyota Corolla Levin TE27 and a Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27 in the first part:

Funny to see the whole parkinglot is full of the cars that are going to race at the track!

In the second part the race actually starts and several accidents happen:

Especially the one on the straight around 2:00 looks very spectacular. Marshals running across the track, pushing and pulling the two cars from the track. Sounds very very dangerous…
Also the crash at 6:42 looks dangerous. The upcoming racecars harldy take distance. What if someone would have been trapped in there? And even worse, at 7:38 they use it as a new apex!

In the third part the fierce battle continues:

And ends in an all Toyota Podium: two Celica’s and a Corolla Levin TE27 make it to the podium!

Apart from that an impressive list of cars that attended: Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27, Corolla Levin TE27, Celica TA22, Nissan Cherry X-1R, Nissan Sunny B110 and a Mazda RX-3.

Found at [Hotcakemix00 @ Youtube]

Family Album Treasures: Fuji Speedway 30 degree bank

One of the most famous parts of the old Fuji International Speedway was the 30 degree banking. Due to the track layout changes made in the middle of the construction the banking was actually the wrong way around. At the end of the straight cars would dive into a banked corner which suddenly ended. This resulted in one of the most dangerous corners ever made and had many casualties over its 19 years use.

When in 1986 the the Group 5 era ended and also the infamous banked corner was closed down on Fuji International Speedway, but never actually demolished. There is still a large piece left of the banking and apparently this Group 5 fan wished to say goodbye to the 30 degree bank:
Fuji International Speedway 30 degree bank
Fuji International Speedway 30 degree bank

I would certainly love to have such a picture in my family album! Whenever I visit Fuji International Speedway I’ll certainly make a similar picture! :)

Found at [Feel the beat @ Livedoor blog]

Video: 1971 Japanese Grand Prix astonishing domination by Nissan

JPN (Edit 2021: Rocketpencil no longer exists) uploaded another astonishing video: the 1971 Japanese Grand Prix held at Fuji International Speedway!

It consists out of three races: the Touring A (1600cc) class, Touring B (2000cc) class and the Grand Touring class, translating into Bluebird, Skyline and Fairlady Z.

All non-Nissanians will complain I over simplified the outcome of the 1971 Japanese Grand Prix a bit. Yes there are indeed other cars (like the Mazda RX-2) but that’s what the main field and winners looked like: a dominating Nissan. Only later that year the Mazda RX-3s broke the winning victory streak of those menacing Skylines…

Direct link to video: 1971 Japan Grand Prix

Drift video: Suzumebachi attack!

Jrotaro just uploaded these amazing drift videos that were shot yesterday at the Mount Fuji drift course:

The Fuji drift coursee is right next to the Fuji International Speedway, if you keep track of the background in this video you can clearly see the entrace gates.

A couple of 4A-GEs together gives such an amazing sound! It almost sounds like a swarm of attacking hornets. :P

Suzumebachi attack!

Direct link to videos: AE86 drift ガレージU and AE86 drift ガレージU 富士ドリフトコース

Video: 1984 Fuji International Speedway 250km

I found this very good amateur video of the 1984 Fuji Gran Championship at Fuji International Speedway where a bunch of Sunny B110s, Sunny B310s, Starlet KP61s and first generations Honda Civics battled the TSA class 250km race. The competition is fierce and you can enjoy an 8 minutes spectacle of bumps, spins and drifts:

BTW: at 3:37 an unidentified car is going through the corner on 3 wheels. Anyone got an idea what car it is?

Direct link to video: ’84富士GC第2戦 マイナーツーリングレース Bコーナーでのアクシデント

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