Half a year ago I already featured another Suzumebachi attack! post, also with videos by JRotaro and ae86lan. Difference is that this time they have been shot from the inside of one of the hachis:

At first only two hachis make their drifts on the Mount Fuji drift course (next to the Fuji International Speedway) but slowly more and more hachis join in.

Here is another video with 10 minutes of those suzumebachi hornets going sideways:

Here is another one from inside the orange two door hachi with slightly less choppy sound:

At first this video may appear as it would be not that interesting, but from 2:30 onwards it starts to get very exciting! (including a four hachi tandem drift in the long corner)

And last but not least, a last one with the best driver of the bunch!

He is going almost flat out on the full track! Amazing!