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Tec-Art’s digital gauge panel – AE86 trivia

About two weeks ago my fellow AE86 owner Robert forwarded me a Facebook video of a very special gauge cluster. The video contained a bespoke Motec screen installed in an AE86 with software that displays the OEM Toyota gauge cluster in various generations. I found out the video was shot at Tec-Art’s but it wasn’t an official video. Now Tec-Art’s released a video of a customer car that contains this gauge cluster!

The Tec-Art's gauge cluster boots up with Dorikin!
The Tec-Art’s gauge cluster boots up with Dorikin!

You can watch the video (with English subtitles) below:

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Why did the 1985 Nissan March Turbo feature this hybrid cluster? – Deepdive

1985 was the peak of the digital gauge clusters. When digital gauge clusters were introduced with the Aston Martin Lagonda in 1976 they were a luxurious feature. However, by the early 1980s, Toyota already launched their Soarer with a similar digital gauge cluster. Toyota being Toyota, copied their new technology to other upmarket cars like the Chaser, Cresta, Mark II, Celica, Carina and Corona. Soon other brands, like Nissan, followed suit and also featured digital gauge clusters in their top models. By the mid-1980s these digital gauge clusters had trickled down to even the smallest commuter cars like the Honda City and the Nissan March. The gauge cluster of the Nissan March is what we feature today!

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