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DOTS: beaten up 1993 Suzuki Swift GTi

This trashed 1993 black Suzuki Swift GTi has been standing near the office for quite some time and I wondered who would leave this car behind…
Black 1993 Suzuki Swift GTi
Black 1993 Suzuki Swift GTi

Apart from not having any MOT for the past six months it has been beaten up severely: mirrors are broken loose, front fender shows some big dents, scratches along the side of the car…

Black 1993 Suzuki Swift GTi
Black 1993 Suzuki Swift GTi

Rear wiper gone…

Black 1993 Suzuki Swift GTi
Black 1993 Suzuki Swift GTi

Mirror on this side broken loose as well and even more dents on the car…

Of course for most of the Dutch population this car will recall the 2009 Queensday attack where the attacker used a black Suzuki Swift and killed eight people before missing his target and crashing into some monument… I still remember seeing the footage of that attack and thought from now on any black Suzuki Swift will be a very impopular car to own/drive… Next Friday that will be one year ago exactly and I like to express my deepest respects to the victims of this madman.

Commercial time: 80s greatest hits with Cultus GTi

The decade of the Ohs (or The Noughties as the British call them) has almost ended now, so how about some greatest hits from the 80s?

The Final Countdown by Europe
Which 80s song is more 80s than this song? I can’t think of any other song…
The heel-to-toe is a nice touch! ;)

West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys
It is nice to see how the Cultus GTi rev meter mimics those amp meters you could find on every early 80s stereo!

Love Changes Everything by Climie Fisher
Back in the 80s I really hated those cheap songs by Climie Fisher, but in combination with the engine revs and tire squeal it gives a whole new dimension to this song. ;)

Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew
Another one of those typically 80s songs. Now I hope the dying part of the song is supposed to be in a positive way or was it supposed to mean the car didn’t have any safety precautions like airbags? :D

The Suzuki Cultus SA310, could there be anything more 80s than this?

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