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How the Carina Jeune Back Sonar works – Carina Sightings

I have always been curious about how the Back Sonar of the Carina Jeune works. I mean, I know it works similarly to our modern parking sensors: ultrasonic sensors in the bumper and some processing unit calculating the distance. But how it actually operates in real life, I wouldn’t know. But lucky enough for you: I’m going to tell you exactly how in today’s post!

Toyota Carina SG Jeune brochure page September 1982
Toyota Carina SG Jeune brochure page September 1982

The brochure doesn’t tell us much more than that it is a back sonar parking aid. The Jeune TV ad does show us a bit more details:

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I found an amazing Carina Jeune who remained young for the past 11 years! – Carina Sightings

This Carina Jeune was covered by Tonken TV and he decided to ask the owner to show his car as he thought it looked gorgeous. At first, I thought it was a bog standard Carina SG AA60, but I was very wrong! The more I watched this video, the more convinced I got I had seen it before. Let me explain why!

Toyota Carina SG Jeune that I've seen somewhere
Toyota Carina SG Jeune that I’ve seen somewhere

Where did I see this Carina Jeune before?

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Toyota Carina A60 history [JDM Trivia]

Welcome to JDM Trivia #12 where I describe the Toyota Carina A60 history.
Toyota Carina A60 history [JDM Trivia]

Carina, Corona and Celica combined

The Toyota Carina A60 started its life when Toyota decided to combine the platforms of the Corona, Carina and Celica. This delivered a floorpan that was identical for all three cars and some of the Corona and Carina body panels are even exchangeable.

Toyota Carina A60 generation

This generation of the Toyota Carina was produced between September 1981 and April 1988. For Toyota this was considered to be a very long lasting production. It obviously helped that the Carina derived van stayed into production till April 1988, but also the sedan and coupe were available till the end of 1987. Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Carina Jeune remains young!

For a very obvious reason the Carina Jeune attracted my attention when I first read the 1984 Carina brochure.
Toyota Carina SG Jeune AA60
Displayed on this picture it may look a bit dull to you and you are right: it is a dull car!

The car itself is in immaculate condition:
Toyota Carina SG Jeune AA60
But even from this angle it doesn’t get any better. It remains an immaculately dull looking car…

So why am I so overly excited over a dull car? My excitement is about this device called a back sonar: Continue reading

Commerical time: Carina Jeune commercial

Brilliant! Someone uploaded the Toyota Carina SG Jeune commercial yesterday!

As you can see the girl sticks a Japanese Young Driver Mark on the Carina, hops two or three time of joy before pointing to the reverse backup warning system and the amount of lock you can have on this Carina! Also Sonny Chiba makes his cameo at the end of the commercial.

The Carina Jeune AA60 was available with this, back in the 80s, very sophisticated system:
Carina Jeune with a Reverse backup warning system
Carina Jeune with a Reverse backup warning system

The Jeune included four sensors in the rear bumper calculating the amount of space between the Carina and the car behind it. It showed on the warning sign, mounted on the rear shelve, in green, yellow and red how far you are from the obstacle behind you. Probably a very crude version of the systems we have nowadays!

The Jeune had, of course, also power steering and an automatic gearbox. So in other words: a very expensive edition of the Carina SG AA60 for those salarymen (Sonny Chiba?) who has to buy a car for his wife and daughter and doesn’t trust their driving skills at all!

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