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My Carina: Carina AA63 double headlights assembly part 1

After being silent on the subject of my Carina for a while I’ve finally made some more progress: I’m assembling the Carina AA63 double headlights (after stripping and repairing them first):
Carina AA63 Double headlights assembly
This is only the right side assembly and unfortunately the left side has to wait a bit. And yes I know: it is definitely not the most beautiful glassfibre repair, but it will be hidden behind the grille anyway.

Why? Well it is waiting for the respray of some new old stock headlight surroundings: Continue reading

Will the Carina be bling?

I just found this AA63 Carina for sale:
AA63 Carina with bling headlights

These are the same headlight surrounds as I got for mine, so I’d expect my car to become as bling as this one when I install them…

However I hoped it would look a bit more like this one:
AA63 Carina non bling headlights

Apparently the amount of bling headlights is limited in contrary of the ordinary whitelines (black with a white stripe). So, perhaps the black rattlecan will have to do it’s job properly… Anyone else got a better idea?

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