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Carina Sightings: Carina AA63 4AGZE Supercharged Sedan

Some time ago I came across a gallery on with this very nice supercharged Carina GTR sedan:
Carina AA63 4AGZE Supercharged Sedan
Carina AA63 4AGZE Supercharged Sedan

Unfortunately there is not much info within this gallery, so we can only do guesswork here!

At least the car got a really nice old school Toyota decal on the bonnet! I still can’t understand why Toyota swapped this logo for the current one: it looks much better than the old one! (Of course I do know why… ;) )

Nice lip! I still need to mount mine, so I hope mine will look just as great as this one! ;)

Great stance on this Carina AA63
Great stance on this Carina AA63

The stance of this Carina is just perfect: lowered just enough with just enough camber on the front! (rear goes automatically with lowering)

The car is pretty beaten up so I recon it is being used/abused often:
Used/abused front of the Carina AA63
Used/abused front of the Carina

And it is also very rusted:
Rusted trunk under the Carina GTR logo
Rusted trunk under the GTR logo

I think this describes the state of the body pretty much.

But this makes everything right I guess:
4AGZE in the enginebay of a Carina AA63
4AGZE in the enginebay

The 4AGZE supercharger swap should be quite streightforward, just like on the AE86: supercharger flow is rerouted to the front and pushes the air through the front mounted intercooler.

There is no cage installed so it wasn’t used as a track or drift car, so this car should have seen a lot of action on the roads instead. Could be a touge drifter or maybe a drag racer?

Eventough this Carina is probably rusted through badly I would swap it for mine anytime! ;)

If you want to view all pictures, you can find the gallery here:
Gallery of the supercharged Carina GTR AA63

Hilarious: Drift series special: Beauty Battle part 4 (final)

Well, I’ve finally finished this series… :)

Well, just when it started to get “okay” it became a bit more rediculous again: they add a 4AGZE to the hachi!
4AGZE setup in the Corolla Levin AE86

Well, you might think that adding a 4AGZE isn’t a big problem and should not be rediculous, well you are right! Adding a 4AGZE is one of the best options for the AE86! And it should be considered an “easy” swap. ;)

But the weird thing is that the engine sound isn’t changing afterwards! At least the Supercharger should make a whining sound and the engine should not rev that high anymore!

And no, they did not turbo the 4AGZE to 4AGZTE, see in the picture below. Apart from that they still have the 4AGE engine cover on it:
4AGZE setup in the Corolla Levin AE86 but still a 4A-GE cover on it?

So, my conclusion:
– Wrong translations
– Wrong production date of the car
– Just got a drivers license and already master of heel-to-toe
– Handbrake+revvnig at the same time
– Stabilizer for the wrong purpose
– 4AGZE without a change in engine note

Too many factors giving me this movie a bad aftertaste… I wouldn’t watch any other of the Drift! movies now…

Check the bonnet and bling!

Mux just sent me these two beauties:
Check the bonnet!

I know what you’re thinking… That bonnet… That scoop… It must feature atleast a 4agze! Nope, it features a bone stock 4AC!
Read the specs here

Check the bling hachi

Amazing. I never thought 17 inch wheels would have fitted the stock fenders without widening the arches, like for instance Big Yin’s car had. These tires must really be rubbing the inside of the fenders!
Other pictures can be found here.

That’s all hachi bashing for today. ;)

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